Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tips for tippers #1

Look us in the eye!

This is called eye contact.

This is not what I mean :)
This is one of the simplest getures that a cutomer can make. We are people, we are not servants. When I come up to greet you and say "Hi, how are you" don't just say I want a bud light while still looking over your menu. Look up, make eye contact, and say "hi, I'm doing good, how about yourself." Unless you had barbaric parents, teachers, coaches, caregivers, etc. we were all taught manners. And I especially was told to look my parents in the eye when I was talking to them. Even if you look me in the eye and ignore my question I would much rather you have looked me in the eye. Too often we forget small gestures that make a huge difference to others.

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  1. Love this! It is so true - many 'customers' don't pay attention to the employee. My pet peeve is talking on the cell phone when the employee is in front of you. I say employee because so many people do that to cashiers also.