Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Why Do I Waitress?

Yeah, she's pretty. But she's also getting stiffed, alot.

Every waiter or waitress find themselves asking why they wait tables at least once per shift, unless they are the rare lucky server who not only loves their job but never has a problem with their table, their managers, their coworkers, or the kitchen.Everyone is relevant to this topic because they either work in the service industry or they are the customer. In the case of waiting tables ignorance is not bliss, every customer should know the "etiquette" when they eat out. As this is how servers pay their rent, their bills, and eat it is pertinent that everyone is aware of the issues.  I am writing this blog because not only do I love my job, but I also hate it. I want this blog to act as a reference. I want to empower my customers with the tools to be the customer we all want to wait on. I strive to tell you why I love my job, why I hate my job, what I wish I could say to my customers (without getting fired), and a few tips for the tippers. 
Yeah, they're getting stiffed too.

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