Thursday, September 29, 2011

Why I hate my Job

Ok, I feel like as human beings there are certain things we do not do to each other out of respect. When you go out to eat you should understand that everytime you try to get free stuff or get around the rules it messes up something for your waitress. Recently I had a table that I was late greeting because of a section change. When I was finally informed that they were in fact my table (of course this person never greeted them either, go figure) the table was very understanding and kind to me. They were not angry that I was so slow to greet them. However, we have a special that runs on this day. Here are the rules for the special: one per person and you must have a drink (soda, tea, coffee, alcohol, as long as it is not water). Since I started working on this day I have had people breathing down my back to make sure I was following these specific rules. Here is one truth: everyone thinks the rules do not apply to them. Needless to say, this table of guys wanted two each instead of one each and I told them that I was not allowed to do that, it was one per person. Well, they then told me that they were for their friends who were coming and I also let them know that their friend could order it. There was no friend, as the table only had two menus and the guys never mentioned friends before. The guys then proceeded to wait until I left the table then get my manager and "complain" to him that I was so late greeting the table and then request to order two more "for their friends". My manager of course granted this to them because I was late and because they were for their friends. They ordered their food(same as what they got before) and then told me they were calling their friends to find out where they were. They then told me that their friends were still at "the game" and that they would go ahead and pay. Then they requested boxes to take the food home. Must I say again that there were never any friends. These people just wanted to get around the rules and they used my name and my credibility as a way to do it. Which fyi: is not ok, ever. I don't care if you want to mess up your karma, but do not ruin my name for your satisfaction.

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