Thursday, October 27, 2011

Living a dream

I am letting my inner kid out this week. My work is doing a nintendo theme for halloween and we have been working our butts off in a voluntary fashion to turn this into one awesome theme. I feel like I am living a little kids dream because we are bringing these nintendo games to life. When you walk into the restaurant you will see a nintendo console and controler, as if you are walking into a nintendo game. If you head right you will see Zelda fashioned into a lovely pixelated real life version, if you continue on you will also see Mortal Kombat the best fighting game ever, complete with weapons hanging from the ceiling. If you head left from the console you will see donkey kong, ladders and all and the best part of the night is our stage, completely fashioned into mario world, complete with ? boxes and all. Our bar has become Bowsers castle as well. Everyone has worked so hard on this theme and I am so proud. I myself have been the "don't give me anything that requires creativity," person and assembled part of bowsers castle (requiring me only to tape!).. The freedom of waitressing is one thing that I love. We are able to let go and be fun versions of ourselves. Mostly because when people come out to eat they are relaxing, it is a relaxing atmosphere. I love the projects we get to do, and the people we get to do them with.

Me in Mario heaven!

Wild Wing Cafe in Chesapeake is hosting a Halloween party Saturday night the 29th. Come decked out in your nintendo gear and enjoy the atmosphere we have created for you.

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