Thursday, October 27, 2011

Beverage napkins

So in lue of my slacking on my posts, here is another thing I hate. I walk up to the table, beverage napkins in hand, say "Hi, my name is Shelby I will be taking care of you today", lay down a beverage napkin per person and lay a few extras on the table. Come back with a S**tload of drinks and either a) have to scramble to find the beverage napkin that you moved after I strategically placed it or b) see that you used it as a napkin for some other reason and sometimes c) am able to place drinks on the beverage napkin (this is a rare case). Now let me explain, beverage napkins are essential because they prevent an annoying ring to make it onto the table, that you usually conveniently place something sensitive to water on top of (such as a book or electronic). Please do not remove the beverage napkins, or use them for something else entirely.

What do you think of beverage napkins? As a customer do they annoy you, or do you prefer them?

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