Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Can I have some...

Ok fellow servers I know you have experienced this before too. You've just dropped off food at the table and/or have checked on the table and notice that your table needs something, anything. Of course you finish what you were doing and tell the table "I will be back with [a new water]." Is it not the most annoying thing when directly after you say this the table says "oh can I have [a new water]." I think there are a few things that make this the most annoying thing.
  1. It makes us feel incompetent as servers, do you honestly think I was ignoring the fact that you needed [a new water]
  2. You obviously were not listening to me, I am a person not a slave, enough said
  3. There really isn't a number 3 on my mind but the list looks incomplete without a 3rd.

Have you ever experienced this? What are your thoughts about when someone asks for something directly after you've said you would get it for them?

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