Friday, November 4, 2011

Finally Friday

In preparing to write a blog post I have been searching for links to post up here for my loyal (3 or so) readers. Unfortunately I got carried away reading some of these links that I decided to talk about the topics instead. At my old job we were required to tip out the busser $5 regardless of what we made that night, or if we made any cash tips (because credit card tips went into our checks). At my current job we do not tip out the busser, but we do tip out 1.5% of our sales (200+) to the expo, .5% of our sales (200+) to the food runner, and 1% of our sales (100+) to the bar. I personally do not see tipping out to be a bad thing, and usually choose to over tip when I can. However when I was required to tip out a busser I found that they did not do their job well and that in order for me to make more I would have to bus my own table and tip the busser anyways. This did not seem fair to me because you wouldn't pay a cook for just standing around when there is work to be done, likewise the busser should have to do the work he is paid for, or else get fired. What I also noticed was alot of people complaining because tip out allows the restaurant to underpay their employees and take earned money out of other employees pockets. I personally do not agree, because these people are employed to make the server's life easier, and enable the server to make more money, so why shouldn't the server tip them out. I would really like to hear y'alls opinions though.

On a positive note I actually have a Friday night off, its kinda nice.

What are your opinions on tip out and on bussers?

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