Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kids: Cute or Annoying?

I have a love and hate relationship with parents who bring their kids out.
·         Kids are just plain cute
·         Kids are funny
·         I enjoy seeing the same kid regularly
·         Kids aren’t cute when they cry
·         Kids are more work
·         Kids are messy
·         Kids food is cheap
·         Kid’s parents can be jerks
·         Parents usually don’t tip extra even though we have to clean up more

Anecdote: So like I have described I love kids mainly because there cute, and typically I do not mind waiting on tables with kids (even though the hate list is extremely long). However, lately I have had a certain disdain towards it. Alot of parents do not specify whether or not they would like their kids drinks in a kids cup or not, leaving the waitress the job of deciding whether or not the kid is big enouigh for a regular cup or small enough for a kids cup. Often I have had parents ask me to bring bag the drink in a kids cup or bring the kid a regular cup because I hurt the kids feeling. My solution: I just ask. If the kid looks tiny, smallish, or younger than 13 I just (discreetly) ask the closest parent whether they would like that in a regular cup or a kids cup. I do this to avoid any anger from the parent or to avoid hurting the kids feelings. The other day, we were really busy and I was trying to grab a real quick drink order for my table so they weren't sitting there wondering where I was. That being said, I also had two other tables relying on me and a party relying on me as well. So needless to say, I did not have any time to spare.  The kid at the table looked to be about 10 (12 at the most). Probably about 4 foot anf 100lbs. So of course I (discreetly) turned to the mother and asked her which cup she would like. She found this to be rude of me because if a parent doesn't specify then typically they want a regular cup (which is not true), and that he was sitting right there, and that he was 15, and blah blah blah.

See, that's cute!

Moral of the story: Parents, just don't be jerks. 1) Waitresses are not perfect 2) Waitresses are just trying to accomodate you as best as possible in the most efficient way and 3) Waitresses do not set out to intentionally offend you (for the most part).

What do you think? Do you think this parent was out of line by yelling at me? What are your opinions on kids and do you having any parent/kid horror stories?

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